YETCplus (Your English Teaching China) is a company which offer the opportunity to live and obtain employment in the cities of Asia. We don’t require your employment record book and education certificate, but we give you an opportunity to earn starting from 1500$ (87000 P) per month and optionally spend private lessons from 20$ to 50$ per hour (1000$ – 1500$ beyond your salary)!

YETSplus is an agency between Chinese employers and English speakers throughout CIS. We are always faithful to our duties and trying to make your stay in a new environment as comfortable as possible. We give you a possibility to become an English teacher for pre-school children in the kindergartens of China and also obtain additional extra earnings through tutoring to schoolchildren and students. Our company is interested in our clients but remember that the lion’s share of success depends only on you!



Additional services

1. Visas:

tourism; student (with or without visiting courses);

business (including those who didn’t have Chinese visa earlier).

2. Selection and booking of air tickets.

3. Assistance in currency exchange.

4. Assistance in sending packages/goods from/to China.

5. Assistance in search and booking of temporary and permanent residence.

6. Organization of transfer from/to airport.

7. Translation of documents, texts of any complexity from and to Chinese.

8. Assistance in health services

(assistance in organization course of treatment (by traditional Chinese medicine or standard western).

9. Services of an interpreter from/to Chinese on the territory of Russia and China.

10. Assistance in organization of leisure activities, excursions in Beijing.












Official employment for

all residents of the CIS countries!