YETCplus (Your English Teaching China) is a company which offer the opportunity to live and obtain employment in the cities of Asia. We don’t require your employment record book and education certificate, but we give you an opportunity to earn starting from 1500$ (87000 P) per month and optionally spend private lessons from 20$ to 50$ per hour (1000$ – 1500$ beyond your salary)!
YETSplus is an agency between Chinese employers and English speakers throughout CIS. We are always faithful to our duties and trying to make your stay in a new environment as comfortable as possible. We give you a possibility to become an English teacher for pre-school children in the kindergartens of China and also obtain additional extra earnings through tutoring to schoolchildren and students. Our company is interested in our clients but remember that the lion’s share of success depends only on you!

After all you decided to become a party to our programme but still poorly imagine how it works. We help you visualize all steps of your way: from the first contact with the representative of YETSplus to the learning process in Chinese institutions. So, are you ready? Then let’s go!

Contact us! It’s very easy: it’s enough to call the given mobile number or add us in Viber/What’sapp/Wechat. Our staff advises you on all your questions and also indicates the way of checking your level of English proficiency.
The important criteria for making a decision about competence and approval to work are:
• Knowledge of English must be not lower than average spoken level (a special attention is given to pronunciation and presence of accent);
• Diligence and ambitiousness;
• Ability to communicate with children;
• Responsibility;
• Responsiveness and positivity.
For performance of the flight to China you should have such documents as:
• Foreign passport;
• Certificate of criminal record;
• Visa;
• Two photos 35×45 mm;
• Copies of civil passport.

On arrival to China you’ll be met in the airport by the representative of YETSplus, who takes you to the temporary place of residence (hostel/apartment). He’ll help you to adapt in a new environment, meaning to buy a SIM card of local operator and city map, to arrange a bank account and a travel card for all necessary types of public transport, show you the nearest underground stations, stops, supermarkets, shops, cafés, restaurants etc.
Just next day you’ll be offered to spend a demo lesson. The member of our staff previously will consult you regarding the plan of lesson, location of educational institution.

The process of employment directly on the territory of the PRC consist of two main stages:
1. Demonstration lesson;
2. Interview with the representatives of educational institution.
Our staff spends trainings and instruction regarding demo lesson before the trip to PRC and on arrival. Its average duration is 10-20 minutes. During this time you should maximally demonstrate your command of the
English language and communicative skills, working with children or staff of educational institution as children under surveillance of leadership. Optionally the administration might offer you to spend a pilot remunerated working day.
The period of employment is about no more than 14 working days, with good level of preparation – no more than a week. The answer whether you considered as a suitable person for offered vacancy can be given right after that or during the week. After confirmation and signing the contract you start working and your colleagues will show you a schedule , teaching materials and plans. Usually teaching programmes are determined by the educational institution itself. The first two months after the employment are testing. During this period you should improve your qualifications and language skills.