Frequently asked questions 

1. What should I do if I don’t have work experience and visa?

Work experience is not required to receive the job. The important criteria for accepting are the following: knowledge of English must be not lower than average spoken level, you shouldn’t have the pronounced accent, it’s appreciated to have neat appearance, punctuality, diligence, ability to work with children. Our company also helps the clients to obtain a visa.

2. I don’t know Chinese, how am I going to live in China?

Your English-speaking colleagues will be happy to answer all your questions and also help you with adaptation in a new place: to overcome problems in communication with local population, to study Chinese traditions and culture etc. In situations when nobody can help you can always rely on gadget with installed language applications.

3. How can I get a job?

First you have to contact us via Viber/Skype/What’sapp/WeChat and be interviewed. Then the preparation of documents and vacancy search are undergoing. Teaching English is very popular in Chinese labour market and relevant all year round.

4. For what period can I sign a contract?

Our company is able to provide one-year contracts with the possibility of free (!) extension.
Frequently asked questions

5. Where am I going to live?

Just after the flight you’ll be met in the airport by representative of our company, who will accompany you by taxi to the temporary place of residence (hostel, apartment). In the future we’ll help you to find the best option for renting in China without the mediation of real-estate companies which is without overpayments. Also with the aim to facilitate your primary adaptation one of our staff member will make for you an excursion throughout surrounding territory, will show you the nearest underground stations, public transport stops, supermarkets, shops, facilities, cafés, restaurants etc.

6. What is the price policy of China?

The rate of the yuan against dollar is stable and already for a few years 6 yuan is equal to 1 dollar. The subsistence minimum for foreigners in the territory of China accounts for 300-400$ which is well below the price measures in Europe and America.

7. I heard that there is a very specific food in China and it’s impossible to find familiar cuisine.

We can assure you that it’s a myth. In the supermarkets of Beijing you can find milk, yogurts, bread, meat and so on. Also there’s a lot of coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants of European cuisine. In a certain areas you can easily buy even curd, sour cream, sausage and cheese.

8. Will I have some kind of vacation?

During the national holidays such as Chinese New Year, China’s Independence day etc, the majority of educational institutions is closed. Depending on specificity of institution the period of leave can vary. It’s important to specify that the vacation is not always fully paid, it can be partially paid.

9. What should I take with me?

The list is rather individual for everyone but you should definitely take with you: originals and copies of all necessary documents, photo for the documents (35×45 mm), USB flash stick (-s), essential medicines and warm clothes.

10. Will I have a possibility to study Chinese?

Of course you will have such possibility. There are programs of free linguistic exchanges or you can study with a tutor for a fee.

11. How to deal with the blocked internet services in China?

The problems of access to such services as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google easily can be resolved with the aid of VPN-applications, which redirect internet connection from other countries to your device thus opening an access to these pages. Our representatives in China will be happy to help you solve this issue.

12. How can I spent my spare time in China?

There is a free admission to the most of the clubs for foreigners, beverage and refreshments, fruit and meat snacks are the same but the access
according to the list.
Many events are organized by the communities of CIS countries.